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What my clients are saying

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review 9

"A Trustworthy Guide for an Amazing Journey!"

"I had my first ever BQH session two days ago with Nina Morrocco. I saw her video on Youtube along with many other BQH practitioners, and I liked her authenticity, and that she had experienced some intense difficulties that were part of her awakening. She felt trustworthy and deeply intuitive, and so I reached out to her for a session. I prepared as per her instructions, and I am so glad I did. This modality is very powerful and Nina's step by step preparation created a foundation of trust for me as well as a feeling that I was setting the intention and leading my own healing experience. It is significant to me that she and I both drank the water of my intention. That felt powerfully symbolic of a practitioner who is fully committed to me and my process. The session itself was revealing, emotional, personal, cosmic, and ultimately healing. I haven't listened to the recording of my session yet, but there are some things that came through me that are incredible, and I am looking forward to listening to what came through. I am at a crossroads in my life, and this BQH session is helping me to see wit more clarity what is the "bigger picture" and what my Guides, Ancestors and Ascended Masters want me to know. I am still integrating my experience, and the healing is continuing. I deeply appreciate Nina's skill, her sensitivity, her knowing when and how to ask questions, as well as her ability to powerfully hold a sacred space and boundaries. I am grateful for Nina's dedication to this work!

review 2

" I had the most phenomenal BQH session with Nina recently. She is so easy to connect with, so kind and accepting and jovial, which made it especially easy for me to relax during the induction of our session. I was able to easily access other lifetime experiences, as well as my higher self... and Source came through for most of my session, actually, as well as some channeled wisdom from Mother Earth at the end. The healing was absolutely profound and opened up some spaces in me that I hadn't realized I was even keeping shut down... It was a truly special experience for me, and I am entirely grateful to you Nina for taking your time and guiding me so beautifully on this life-changing journey. I'll definitely be contacting you again for sessions in the future! Biggest love from Maine."


- Hannah Fogg , Maine, USA

"I had a BQH session with Nina and it was an amazing and wonderful experience. Nina is friendly , reassuring and professional. We explored several past lives and I was able to ask questions of my higher self and guides with some extremely surprising information coming through. Nina was supportive throughout and it’s been really valuable to re listen to the recording. The session has given me clarity and has guided me to my next steps in my path . Thanks Nina... it was a fabulous time , really interesting. I’d love to come back again and explore more past lives. Best wishes
Carole x"

-Carole Henderson, Peebles, Scotland

review 7

Nina was wonderful and I highly recommend her! It was a relaxing and eye opening experience made even nicer by the kind and loving guidance of Nina’s soft voice.
Being a newbie to QH I was unsure what to expect from our session however I was not disappointed. We explored and reached places that really helped me to understand and reconnect with my inner self. I was surprised at how much my own emotions and mind took over in this relaxed state. It really encouraged me to look at the different questions I had presented at the start of our session in a different almost simplified clear way.
I was 35 weeks pregnant during my session and we decided to connect a little with the baby at the end. I was nervous about this thought however it turned out to be the most loveliest part of the whole session. It just brought forward these beautiful feelings of laughter, giggling and happiness.
This is certainly something that I have held onto in the last few weeks of pregnancy knowing that the person I am growing inside me can, is and will experience all these fantastic emotions and this lovely thought has helped me to prepare and focus my thoughts as I prepare my mind and body for baby’s birth.

-Carmen Henrys, Innerliethen, Scotland

review 3

"Great Session from start to finish"

"Nina was so great. From the moment I met her, I felt a connection that I can’t describe, but I knew she was the right practitioner for my first BQH session. It was one of the most magical times of my life. I would recommend a session with Nina to anyone and I can imagine it won’t be our last time to work together!!"

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