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About IQH

​​"Illuminated Quantum Healing is an alchemical method of transformation and awakening that incorporates energy healing, meditative practices, and hypnosis skills to activate instantaneous multidimensional healing through a client's connection to their Higher Self." -

Following my journey with BQH and the invaluable experience gained from facilitating many quantum healing sessions, I was guided to expand my skills further by training with New Earth Ascending in their method IQH. This decision has proven transformative, as IQH sessions hold equal power and significance to those of BQH. While both methods share similarities, IQH possesses its own unique beauty and depth. I've discovered that blending elements from each technique allows me to craft a personalized and sacred experience for every client. With its structured approach, IQH offers a profoundly sacred and life-altering journey.

Here is a little more from the Creators of IQH about the process

"Hidden in the shadows of our subconscious mind are the keys to our healing awakening. Unconscious patterning and limiting beliefs from our past experiences and other lifetimes are imprinted in the subconscious mind.  This is the birthplace of reactive emotions, triggers, and negative thoughts. These imprints make up our biases, aversions, attachments, desires, and other patterns that keep us in cycles of suffering and limitation. 

The healing power of the session comes through the client's connection to their Higher Self. The Higher Self is our Divine Self that is connected to the Higher Realms, Source/God, our Spiritual Guides, and Star Families that serve the Higher Consciousness.  This part of our consciousness is vast, eternal, and always loving. The Higher Self uses emotions, internal imagery, and intuitive messaging to communicate through the client. The Higher Self guides the session, delivering the most appropriate healing frequencies and reveals profound insight and information for the client's path of awakening and mastery.

Illuminated Quantum Healing uses the power of the subconscious mind and the connection to the Higher Self to discover the root cause of illness, patterns of limitation, and states of suffering.  Once the appropriate information is revealed through the session, rapid multidimensional healing occurs as the Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, and Star Families repair and upgrade the client's entire system with new healing frequencies. Clients describe feeling, sensing, and seeing light and energy moving through them as multidimensional regenerative healing occurs, creating a feeling of radiant wholeness.

Each Practitioner of IQH infuses the process of healing with their own intuitive gifts for healing and spiritual counselling. Clients are guided to the most appropriate Practitioner who has the skillset and style that is most beneficial for the client's process."

For prices you can go to my services page or If you have any questions about the process feel free to contact me OR book your session today!

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