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About me


Hi, my full name is Nina Raphaela Morrocco, I am from Scotland. It took me a long time, a lot of careers, traumas, and experiences in my life to finally step forward on my path as a quantum healing practitioner. I am also a friend, a mother, a lover, a dreamer, a being of light, and a warrior of love. I am here to assist people in connecting to their hearts again during this time of human evolution. When we heal ourselves we heal our world.

My journey to this work was a long and bumpy one.

My pregnancy with my daughter was extremely challenging, I was dangerously unwell for 7 and a half months of the pregnancy. When my daughter was born she had 2 life-threatening conditions that still need fairly regular monitoring.

I was shaken to my core by the relentless stress and anxiety that dominated me for nearly 3 years of my life. Once her health conditions became stable, I was in a state of shock for a long time. I could barely leave my house. I was somewhat frozen. But gradually I sensed a deep calling from within. I began to feel parts of myself returning, I knew I had a choice to make; either I could stay frozen or I could grow from these experiences.

Which has ultimately led me on a path of healing myself, to take what had happened and turn it all into something beautiful, so I could become the best version of myself, the best mother, and the person I had always known I could be; In service to others.

Before I knew it Quantum Healing found me when I was offered a session for myself, something shifted instantly. I was utterly captivated by it, and the work and writings of Dolores Cannon, who pioneered the QHHT method of hypnosis. It was one of her students Candace Craw-Goldman, who over the years developed BQH.

​My own session was life-changing and so profound, that for the first time ever, I fully understood why I had those experiences in pregnancy and after my daughter was born, and why they have added benefit to my life, and my growth, I also learned that we create illness and dis-ease in our body, and just as we create it we have the power to overcome it. We can do this by releasing accumulated e-motion (energy in motion), trauma and stress. and through this work, I realized that is exactly what we CAN do.


One of the first things that came out of my mouth after my initial session was,

" I have to learn how to do this for people".

The urge was so strong, that one month after I had my very first session, I took the plunge and decided to do the BQH course.

I am so eternally glad I made that leap. My love and passion for this work grows on a daily basis, I am humbled by the fact I find something new and beautiful about BQH all the time. It truly feels like a blessing.

It has brought fourth a remembering of that childlike wonder that lives within all of us, the connection that we all have with ourselves, eachother, our Earth and the magic that lies within every single waking moment.

Aftergraining a great deal of experience working as a Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner i decided to advance my work further and expand my experteas and learn IQH Illuminated Quantum Healing which is an incredible process in itself i am happy to offer both services.

Thank you for reading this .

If you would like to have a session with me or have any questions then feel free to .......

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