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About BQH

"BQH is powerful, heart-based, and above all; flexible. Practitioners and their clients are individuals, this method recognizes and celebrates each unique perspective." Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH

BQH or Beyond Quantum healing is a highly advanced, heart based energy healing modality, a bit like hypnosis. However, it is not classified as clinical hypnosis.

In classical hypnosis, suggestion is often used whilst client is in a hypnotic state, to tackle phobias, addictions or behaviours that he/she wishes to change.

With BQH, you are gently and lovingly guided into deep relaxation (theta brain wave).

We also use imagery to help ease you to this state of trance that allows you to access the wisdom of your subconscious mind; where your own healing can occur, through a process of deep imaginative, creative, inner exploration of other lifetimes and/or aspects of yourself. These aspects allow for you to not only experience the other lives, but subsequently, can heal any aspects that require attention.

Through the process of BQH you can become completely in tune with yourself in an entirely new and profound way, on every level. We invite your higher aspects to connect with us , to take part and assist us, on our journey together. You can answer any of those pressing questions about yourself you have always want to find out more about; to reveal a deep inner knowing that allows great freedom and self-acceptance.

BQH can also be an incredibly effective way to help with any forms of disease, trauma and illness, however as stated above, it is not a clinical practice so any advice given to you in the session or changes to your condition should be addressed with a doctor.

BQH can be transformational and somewhat miraculous. If you come to a session with an open heart and mind it will allow us to have a truly beautiful session together.

The beauty of this work never fails to astonish me. BQH has been developed so it can be carried out not only in person but also remotely online, so wherever you are in the world, we can still connect and have a truly wonderful session. Personally, having had all of my own sessions online, I feel that it can add to the magic of a session and having the headsets on really helps cancel out any noise distraction.

Having said that, both in person and remote sessions are equally effective and healing experiences.

Here are some FAQs I have come accross.

Q, "What if I can’t be put under hypnosis?"

A, everything you experience or don’t experience during a session is okay. However, it’s good to bear in mind, how you are in yourself before a session, and the energy you bring to the session CAN affect your session. I will send you all the information you need about how to prepare for a session.

We are in various states of hypnosis thought our day to day lives, if you are sitting quietly reading a book or daydreaming out of your window, they ARE a form of hypnosis. The brainwave states we use in BQH are states of relaxation you visit twice a day, once when you wake up and once when you go to sleep. It is the state between asleep and awake. So, in essence all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.


Q, "What if I don’t believe what I am experiencing is real"

A. Wether you believe in the metaphsyical aspects, for example past lives, guides or ETs really is up to your own discernment.

 I am not here to change your mind or dispute your belief systems, the experiences you have can be seen as your conscious mind being relaxed enough for your subconscious and your imagination to work together, to give you the most relevant and necessary experience for your own growth.

however you want to understand the experience, is completely up to you. These other lives can be seen as aspects of your personality presented to you creatively. I don’t mind what you believe, allowing yourself to access the wisdom of your consciousness is incredibly helpful regardless of your beliefs.

The best thing to do is relax and trust the process.


When you book a session with me, be sure to look through all the information I send to you and come up with a list of questions; around 8 -12, you would like answered during our session, These questions can be anything at all. Any of those burning questions you have always wondered about, but have never found the answers.


for example:

  • what is my life's purpose?

  • where am I from?

  • why am I experiencing this illness how can I best heal it?

  • why have I experienced this illness?

  • why do I have an addiction to drugs/alcohol gambling/work/money/sex /sugar/food etc

  • have I met my Soulmate/Twin flame?

  • am I in the correct career?

  • Is my spouse/partner the correct person I should be with?

  • why have I always felt like I don't fit in?

  • how can I have the best relationships with the people in my life?

  • how do I heal my childhood trauma?

  • I had a strange dream/ experience I cannot explain, can it be explained to me?

  • am I an old soul?

  • am I a starseed?

  • what is my best type of diet?

  • how many lives have I had on earth

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Check out this video I did with the creator of BQH, the wonderful, Candace Craw-Goldman. about my sessions, as both a client and practitioner of BQH.


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