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Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing through a highly advanced, life changing heart-based multidimensional energy healing.

I offer both IQH Illuminated Quantum Healing and BQH Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions.


Client review


“My consultation, inquiry, and regression sessions with Nina have been one of the most beautiful and transformative experiences of my entire 60 years.
The circular pain, blame, shame, hermit previous to this was so very heavy: I sometimes caught glimpses of my birthright of ease but had no sight of how to transcend the trauma that bound me. Serendipity brought me Nina...and in the few hours and process She so gently and expertly guided me through, I transcended it all. I found peace, reconciliation, and serenity. I absolutely recommend Nina to whomsoever should read this, to take this opportunity too.

It’s life-affirming and life-changing. I thank You, Nina, from the bottom of my limitless Heart.”

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